Under treatment, an HIV-positive person no longer transmits HIV

Taking antiretroviral therapy makes the virus untransmissible. An information campaign of the Swiss Aid against AIDS has just started. An HIV-positive person who takes his or her treatment on a regular basis no longer transmits HIV, including during sex without a condom. Taking antiretroviral drugs makes the virus undetectable in the blood, mucous membranes and body fluids and therefore becomes untransferable. This is the message delivered today by the “undetectable” campaign run by the Swiss […]

WAG: the application for a sustainable world

WWF France and its partners (ADEME, La Poste and Maif) presented to the press, Monday, November 12, 2018, the WAG application that aims to support citizens who wish to adopt a more eco-responsible behavior. What if, rather than waiting for the decision-makers to put in place ambitious policies for a more sustainable world, we took the lead, at our level? Many French people feel concerned by environmental issues. A recent survey (June 2018) conducted by […]